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Tube Assemblies

Tube assemblies are clusters of integrated fuel tubes, purge tubes, brake tubes, and other tubes that pass under the vehicle floor or underneath the vehicle bonnet.

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Once end-formed and bent in-house, using a variety of bending methods, pipes are methodically secured together into tube assemblies using a combination of clips, buffers and rubber fixings, ready for a production line fitter to fix to a vehicle at our customers manufacturing site.

All assembly fixtures feature poke-yoke 'fail-safes' which ensures that components and parts come together in a pre-designed cluster and cannot be assembled in any other way. This allows us to operate near to 100% accuracy every time.

Conventionally, rubber hose and hose bands have been used to connect fuel tubes and purge tubes to engines and fuel tanks. By replacing this older technology with Sanoh plastic tubing and quick connectors, we increase performance and achieve weight savings, while also lowering transportation and assembly costs.


Designed for a variety of bending methods, enabling most suitable method to be used for a given configuration

By using Sanoh plastic tubing and quick connectors, we improve efficiency and lower costs

In-house design and manufacture of steel tubing, plastic tubing, and quick connectors enables integrated product development

Case Studies

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