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Our Team : Sanoh UK Manufacturing


The Sanoh UK staff is made up of Directors, Project Managers, Quality Engineers, Engineers, Production Supervisors & Operators and staff in maintenance and administrative support roles.

Sanoh UK values experience and product knowledge, which allow an individual to respond quickly to a customer's needs and provide clear and concise answers to questions with authority and confidence. Our team of experienced staff and complemented by the younger team members who bring fresh ideas and perspective to the business. These include our excellent Apprentices who are training to be the next generation of Engineers, Supervisors and Managers and bringing their enthusiasm to new challenges and projects.

To best manage our customers' requirements and deliver excellent service, we create teams of people who possess these relevant qualities. For example, Your Team might consist of:


Responsible for a manufacturing unit. Has in-depth knowledge of the customer, their products, their systems and schedules. Ensures 100% delivery on time every time. Ensure products are of the optimum quality based upon customers specification and standards. Understands flexibility of demand. Involved in customers project from nomination to EOP.


Prepares and delivers project plans for each customer. From nomination, through APQP, product development, design changes, prototype builds to start of production the Project Manager works very closely with all stakeholders within a customer to ensure that the project KPIs are met and delivered.


In-depth knowledge of a customers products, systems, standards and KPIs. Monitors quality performance on a regular basis. Ensures quality standards are cascaded to the workforce. Works with customer to resolve any issues quickly, accurately and with the minimum of disruption.


Understands customer demand and requirements. Has an intimate knowledge of all process required to deliver customer demand. Motivates and challenges production team. Ensures delivery schedules and customer standards and targets are met.


Ensures a rapid response times are met for any machine issues. Plans preventative maintenance for all production machines. Has a unique knowledge of bespoke machinery. Has the requisite skills and knowledge to resolve problems quickly to ensure customer demand is not compromised.


Qualified Engineer. Designs and builds bespoke machinery for each new project. Builds inspection gauges, assembly fixtures and test fixtures which ensure manufactured products meet specified quality standards.